No matter how long a tree trunk lies in the water, it will not become a crocodile – proverb of the Bambara

Are you the head of a company or an HR manager, and recruiting an executive for the African continent? Although you don’t know the daily challenges in the life of a manager in Sub-Saharan Africa, you do know that choosing the wrong person would be a mistake, and might not only result in extra costs, but also could jeopardize your economic success there.

We will advise you amongst other things, on the following topics:

  • Daily challenges in Sub-Saharan countries
  • Necessary soft skills of employees for being successful
  • Selection or final selection of executives prior to their posting
  • Preparation of expatriates for their assignments in Sub-Saharan countries
  • Preparation of accompanying families

You will benefit from the following:

  • Our expertise is based on several years of experience on the African continent.
  • You will avoid additional costs by choosing the right person.
  • Preparation of your future expatriate as well as his/her family is an important tool of employer branding and
    supports your position as an attractive employer in the job market.