Expat Coaching

Life cannot be pushed – proverb of the Massai

Coaching is a guide to professional self-reflection of executives. It enables to reflect leadership behaviour and to develop strategies for dealing with change. Executives are often alone and have no immediate sparring partner to give them feedback or support them with questions or other tools in their self-reflection.

In the case of expat coaching, the cultural frame plays an important role. Being aware of possible cultural differences and taking that into account in day-to-day leadership, will increase professional success.

Possible topics in expat coaching:

  • Discrepancy between the requirements of the headquarters in
    Europe and the realities on the ground
  • Environmental conditions as challenge and chance
  • Leadership uncertainties due to cultural differences
  • Work on self-motivation and adequate leadership style
  • Female leaders in a patriarchal society
You will benefit from:
  • Solution-oriented coaching by a trained coach with leadership
    experience on the African continent
  • Expertise in cultural questions
  • Possibility to do the coaching via WhatsApp or Skype on the ground

Are you from the African continent and working for a company or an international organisation in Austria?
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