“But that’s how we always did it” – this attitude doesn’t make for future progression (proverb of the Ewe)

Reteaming is a step-by-step procedure for assisting teams to solve problems and to accomplish desired changes in order to improve the working atmosphere. It was designed by Ben Furman and Tapani Ahola in Helsinki.

Reteaming starts with the assumption that all problems and complaints contain objectives. Firstly, all the problems of the team are listed and then secondly, they are compiled into suitable objectives.

Afterwards, the team chooses the objective that has the biggest positive impact for reaching the others, and then the team continues to work on that. By the end of the reteaming, all the team members know what they have to do together in order to reach the objective in the shortest possible time.

Reteaming is especially useful for:

  • International teams, that – due to cultural differences – have to grow together
  • Teams from different corporate cultures (Mergers)
  • Teams, that are stuck in conflicts and have lost their focus for a common objective

Your benefits:

  • Together, team members create their future. Each member has a right to articulate both problems and his/her opinion.
  • The team focusses on the objective and does not dwell on why a certain problem arose. All the energy of the team members becomes directed towards solutions and the future, that support reaching the objective.
  • Small but steady steps of the change provide the team members with a feeling of success and helps build upon their motivation to move forward.